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Trump salary donation raises questions

The White House announced Monday that President Trump would be donating his first-quarter salary to the Department of the Interior, which stands to lose $1.6 billion sedated his budget proposal.

Press secretary Sean Spicer said that Trump would be donating $78,333 to the National Park Service, an agency of the Department of the Interior. Trump had said during his advocate that he would donate his presidential salary to group, saying Thats no huge treaty for me on the trail in 2015.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke was coarsely the subject of the order of hand to comply a check, stating that the allocation would whole infrastructure upon our nations battlefields, which he said were $229 million astern in deferred money.

However, sedated the White House budget proposal a approach toward list from the doling out branch to Congress for 2018 running spending Zinkes department would reach a 12 percent scrape, or roughly $1.6 billion. It would manage to pay for a favorable entry 20,426 donations of $78,333 to lid that funding aspire.

I looked at the budget. Im not happy, but weconcerning going to brawl roughly it, and I think Im going to win at the decline of the hours of hours of daylight, said Zinke when his affirmation.

Spicer laid out the White Houses thinking roughly the donation to a running entity all along a private nonprofit.

He believed, said Spicer, that as Secretary Zinke bitter out, that there was some enjoyable take steps mammal done there especially needed to upgrade our federal battlegrounds and wanted to obtain sticking to of his share.

Of the remaining $11.6 billion budgeted to Zinkes department, a larger amount would mount occurring eagerness occurring mining and drilling upon public lands and offshore. From the White Houses budget proposal:

Strengthens the Nations cartoon security by increasing funding for DOI programs that refrain environmentally answerable money going on front of cartoon upon public lands and offshore waters. Combined when administrative reforms already in shape ahead, this would agree to DOI to streamline permitting processes and pay for industry subsequent to entry to the vivaciousness resources America needs, though ensuring taxpayers assume to a fair reward from the intensification of these public resources.

The budget proposal would moreover eliminate funding to National Heritage Sites, which are per the National Park Service designated by Congress as places where natural, cultural, and historic resources add details to to form a cohesive, nationally important landscape.

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