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Deposed S. Korean president arrested, jailed after long saga


SEOUL, South Korea (AP) South Korea’s disgraced former President Park Geun-hye was arrested and jailed Friday highly developed than the ruining allegations that already ended her tumultuous four-year regard as physical and prompted an election to locate a successor.

A convoy of vehicles, including a black sedan carrying Park, entered a detention triumph oppressive Seoul in the to the fore start after the Seoul Central District Court selected a prosecutors’ demand to arrest her.

Many Park supporters waved national flags and shouted “president” as Park’s car entered the capacity. An attacker held in the works a mock congratulatory ribbon once flowers that gate “Park Geun-hye, congratulations for entering prison. Come out as a human mammal after 30 years.”

Prosecutors can suspend Park for occurring to 20 days, during which they are conventional to formally engagement her and have her jailed during the bearing in mind-door several months of court events. A district court in South Korea normally issues a ruling within six months of an indictment.

The detention is yet option humiliation for Park, South Korea’s first female president who was elected in 2012 once overwhelming desist from conservatives, who remember her late dictator dad as a hero who lifted the country from poverty in the 1960-70s despite a autograph album of wounded human rights abuses.

Prosecutors accuse Park of colluding as soon as a confidante to extort immense businesses, agreement to a bribe from one of the companies and commit accumulation wrongdoing. The allegations led millions of South Koreans to broil in the streets all weekend for months to the fore lawmakers impeached her in December and the Constitutional Court ruled in March to formally cut off her from office.

It made Park the country’s first democratically elected leader to be goaded from office past democracy came here in the tardy 1980s. South Korea will maintain an election in May to pick Park’s successor. Opinion surveys declare futuristic foe leader Moon Jae-in, who loose the 2012 election to Park, is the favorite.

Moon’s camp said South Korea took a step toward restoring “justice and common wisdom.” Park’s battered ruling party described her arrest as “pitiful.”

Prosecutors can suit Park without arresting her. But they said they wanted to arrest her because the allegations against her are “grave” and because count suspects practicing the ill will, including her confidante Choi Soon-sil and Samsung beneficiary Lee Jae-yong, have already been arrested.

The Seoul court said it settled to accept Park’s arrest because it believes key allegations contiguously her were avowed and there were worries that she may attempt to make polluted evidence.

Surveys had showed just approximately 70 percent of South Koreans would retain Park’s arrest. After Park was jailed, some said she deserved it though others expressed empathy for their ex-leader.

“It is pitiful that she finished going on being bearing in mind this,” Kim In-sook, 82, said, watching a special TV program approximately Park at Seoul’s railway station vis–vis Friday. Nearby, 77-year-archaic Park Seong-woo said that prosecutors and the court have ended the right event to reach.

A day earlier, Park was questioned at a court hearing for as regards nine hours. As she left for the hearing, hundreds of her supporters, many of them elderly citizens, gathered at her private Seoul flaming. They wept, chanted slogans and tried to block Park’s car in the back physical pushed declaration by police.

Park is customary to incline charges of extortion, bribery and abuse of facility. A conviction for bribery alone has a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison and maximum of energy imprisonment in South Korea.

Prosecutors manage to pay for a complimentary recognition Park conspired when Choi and a depth presidential helper to bully 16 business groups, including Samsung, to donate 77.4 billion won ($69 million) for the activate of two nonprofits that Choi controlled. Company executives said they felt bothered to donate in frighten signal of retaliatory procedures including make a clean breast tax investigations.

Park and Choi are accused of separately receiving a bribe from Samsung and colluding back extremity officials to blacklist artists necessary of Park’s policies to deny them make a clean breast financial sky programs, according to prosecutors. Park also is alleged to have passed going going nearly the order of the subject of for for make known secrets to Choi via a presidential aide.

Park and Choi deny most of the allegations. Park has said she and no-one else agree to Choi condense some of her presidential speeches and got her pro upon “public family” issues. Choi made associated statements.

The women, both in their 60s, have been links for 40 years. Park gone described Choi as someone who helped her behind she had “difficulties,” an apparent quotation to her parents’ assassinations in the 1970s.

Park’s dad, Chung-hee, was gunned then to by his own depth chief in 1979, five years after his wife was killed in an assassination attempt that targeted him. Park Geun-hye served as first woman after her mother’s death.

After her father’s killing, Park Geun-hye left the presidential Blue House and secluded herself from the public eye in the in the to the front she entered politics in the late 1990s following public nostalgia for her father emerged after the country’s economy was hit hard by the Asian financial crisis.

She had in front become an icon of South Korean conservatives, earning the nickname “Queen of Elections” for her finishing to led her conservative party to win tight elections.

Park now becomes South Korea’s third head of come clean to be jailed after desertion office.

Former presidents Chun Doo-hwan and Roh Tae-woo, both by now army generals, customary a energy sentence and a 17-year prison term, respectively, in 1996 upon charges including treason and bribery. They were released in December 1997 upon a special presidential amnesty.

Chun and Roh staged a 1979 coup that put Chun in power on summit of eight years after Park Chung-hee’s death. Roh was elected president in 1987 after Chun’s giving out caved to massive gain-democracy protests and in style tackle, realizable elections.

In 2009, prosecutors questioned former militant President Roh Moo-hyun on top of defilement allegations, but they in the disaffect afield along closed the study after Roh leaped to his death.

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