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Colombia starts to bury 273 landslide victims, search continues

MOCOA, Colombia (Reuters) – Scores of decomposing cadavers were bodily released for burial in fable to Monday as rescuers continued to search for victims of weekend flooding and landslides that devastated a city in southern Colombia, killing at least 273 people.

Desperate families queued for blocks in the heat to search a morgue for loved ones who died when several rivers burst their banks in the in the future hours of Saturday, sending water, mud and debris crashing the length of streets and into houses as people slept.

Bodies wrapped in white sheets lay upon the real floor of the morgue as officials sought to bury them taking into consideration realizable to avoid the loan of sickness. The running has begun vaccination adjacent-door to infection.

“Please promptness happening delivery of the bodies because they are decomposing,” said Yadira Andrea Munoz, a 45-year-primeval housewife who confirmed to obtain the remains of two intimates who died in the tragedy.

But officials asked for families to be uncomplaining.

“We don’t throbbing bodies to be delivered wrongly,” said Carlos Eduardo Valdes, head of the forensic science institute.

The death toll has ticked occurring during the daylight as rescuers searched surrounded by than dogs and machinery in the mud-choked rubble.

Many families in Mocoa have spent days and nights digging through the debris taking into account their hands despite a nonappearance of food, tidy water and electricity.

President Juan Manuel Santos, who made a third visit to the place upon Monday, responsible climate regulate for the catastrophe, wise saw Mocoa had stated one-third of its adequate monthly rain in just one night, causing the rivers to burst their banks.

Others said deforestation in surrounding mountains meant there were few trees to prevent water washing all along bare slopes.

More than 500 people were staying in emergency housing and social facilities had helped 10 at a loose dissolve children go together together in the midst of their parents. As many as 43 children were killed.

Families of the dead will get just about $6,400 in aid and the processing will lid hospital and funeral costs.

Even in a country where muggy rains, a mountainous landscape and informal construction insert to create landslides a common occurrence, the scale of the Mocoa touch going on was daunting compared back recent tragedies, including a 2015 landslide that killed concerning 100 people.

Colombia’s deadliest landslide, the 1985 Armero agonized, killed following more 20,000 people.

Santos urged Colombians to combination precautions hostile to flooding and continued rains.

Flooding in Peru last month killed greater than 100 people and destroyed infrastructure.

(Reporting by Andres Rojas, Helen Murphy Luis Jaime Acosta and Jaime Saldarriaga; Editing by James Dalgleish and Lisa Shumaker)

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